TDL provides ultra-rugged, mil-spec compliant, customized displays of all types, sizes and shapes, to meet the needs of air, sea and land operations, no matter how rigorous.

Built for battlefield conditions

TDL instrument displays are utilized in ground vehicle and cockpit applications where bright sunlight and severe environmental stresses are the norm. For example, state-of-the-art AMLCD displays are ideal for battlefield management applications, as control terminals or situational displays with superior operator interfaces. Key features include:

  • Options such as multiple programmable keys, touch control, integrated computers for pre-loaded mission information, and heating
  • Excellent high ambient light/sunlight and off-angle readability
  • Outstanding night vision imaging (NVIS/NVG), as they are dimmable to very low NIT values
  • Compact machined aluminum chassis is sealed to isolate internal electronics from extreme shock, high G’s, vibration and dust

Mil-spec reliability is ensured in extreme environments including high humidity, thermal extremes, high g-forces and vibration, blowing sand and dust, bright sunlight, NVIS solar degradation, pressure, NBC decontamination, and more.

Custom designed to your unique specifications

Because no two applications are identical, TDL will custom design and manufacture displays and bezels to meet your specifications and requirements in every way.